AGA 4 Oven Traditional Classic Edition Gas Cooker

Product no. A4O-CSC
The 4-oven AGA Classic range cooker emulates the iconic style of the 1930s AGA cooker. Almost identical to its stylish predecessor, it has a decorative lever control, matching enamel hotplate covers and a period AGA script badge. And just as it was in the 1930s, it's only available in cream.

This model features a roasting and simmering oven, has the same baking oven and warming oven just like the 4-oven AGA range cooker - a feature that's ideal for warming plates, resting food or cooking delicate dishes such as meringues. There is also a warming plate which offers a constant, gentle heat that's ideal for 'parking' pans, resting meat and melting butter and chocolate, as well as keeping your cup of coffee warm and airing laundry. But it's not just its cooking capabilities that make an AGA Cooker such a wonder. The constant heat retained in its cast-iron body makes the roasting and baking oven practically self-cleaning; spillages are carbonized and only require an occasional brush out.

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Energy Consumption
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Product Type Heat storage cooker
Materials Cast iron with multiple coats of vitreous enamel
Overall Dimensions 33 1/2”h x 58 5/8”w x 26 3/4”d
Oven Dimensions Roasting - 10”h x 13.75”w x 19.5”d
Simmering - 10”h x 13.75”w x 20.75”d
Baking - 10”h x 13.75”w x 20.5”d
Warming - 10”h x 13.75”w x 20.75”d
Oven Capacity Roasting - 1.5 cu ft
Baking - 1.5 cu ft
Warming - 1.5 cu ft
Total Capacity 6.0 cu ft
Weight 1290 lbs.
Fuel/Power Natural or Liquid Propane Gas
Vent Options The most effective of the three available venting system options for your home - standard, direct or power - will be determined by a pre-installation site survey performed by a certified Aga fitter. Contact your local authorized Aga dealer to arrange a su
Servicing Annual maintenance is recommended, as well as a 10-year service.
Warranty 5 year limited parts and labor.
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AGA 4 Oven Traditional Classic Edition Gas Cooker

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